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At Insurance Mart we have set a new standard of service in crop insurance nationwide. We understand farming. We know you can’t always control the power of Mother Nature, but you can protect your family’s financial security with crop insurance.

Crop Hail Overview:

You know that five minutes of hail can wipe out an entire year’s income. The Crop Hail policy through Insurance Mart and Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS®) provides protection against loss to the crop from hail. This policy supplements the coverage provided by an MPCI policy. Crop Hail provides coverage on an acre by acre basis.

MPCI policyholders in some states have an additional option to purchase a Companion Hail policy that works with the Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policy for quicker pay-out on hail losses.

Crop Hail Auto-Crop through Insurance Mart and RCIS offers the convenience of allowing the Crop Hail policy to be completed based on the MPCI acreage report for the crop. With Crop Hail Auto-Crop, your Crop Hail coverage becomes a continuous policy that remains in effect until it is canceled. Simply review your insurance per acre coverage and policy form each year and if there are no changes, no other paperwork is required.

The RCIS Crop Hail program also offers many specialty endorsements to cover specific perils on selected crops in some states, such as green snap wind endorsement for corn or sugar beet crusting endorsement. Your RCIS agent can quickly show you all your options.

Named Peril Overview

Flexible coverage designed to protect crops from damaging weather conditions during specified coverage periods. Recommended as a supplement to MPCI and Crop Hail policies to cover gaps in coverage such as hazards unique to specific crops, unavailability of MPCI and hail insurance in your area, or to cover a processor.

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