Farmers have unique needs and require specialized policies. At Insurance Mart, we strive to provide coverage for a wide range of farm related exposures under one policy.

With a farm owners policy, we can include coverage for the on the farm home, barns and other farm related outbuildings, farm personal property, mobile agricultural equipment, livestock and personal and farm liability.

We provide risk management for:

  • Farmer Cooperative Associations
  • Fertilizer Dealers & Farm Supply
  • Manufacturing Of Ag-Related Products
  • Commercial Farms & Family Farms
  • Custom Harvesters
  • Feedlots/Livestock
  • Hog Confinements

Crop Insurance Plans

At Insurance Mart we have set a new standard of service in crop insurance nationwide. We understand farming. We know you can’t always control the power of Mother Nature, but you can protect your family’s financial security with crop insurance.

Yield-Based Coverage

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) provides protection against losses from a number of uncontrollable causes. MPCI is the most popular insurance coverage due to its flexibility in level and price.

Catastrophic (CAT) provides the minimum coverage amount on a MPCI policy. For a $100 fee, producers can buy a minimum insurance coverage based on 50% of the producing operation’s average yield at 55% of the FCIC established prices.

Group Risk Plan (GRP) is recommended for farmers whose yield history closely tracks the county or parish history because protection is based on the yield experience of the county rather than their individual farms.


Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) Corn Soybeans Wheat
Projected Price Announced  Mar 5  Mar 5  Mar 5
Enrollment/Change Deadline  Mar 15  Mar 15  Mar 15
Production History Deadline  Apr 29  Apr 29  Apr 29
Acreage Report Deadline  Jul 15  Jul 15  Jul 15
Harvest Price Announced  Nov 5  Nov 5  Sep 5
MPD (Multiple Price Discovery) Deadlines Nov 15
Dec 15
Nov 15
Dec 15
MP (Margin Protection) Deadline  Sep 30


Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) provides farmers with a revenue guarantee based on their approved yield and current market price. Protects against losses resulting from a decrease in market price, a loss of production or combination of these. While CRC provides several advantages over traditional crop insurance policies, the real benefit comes when it is incorporated as an integral part of the producer’s marketing plan.

CRC can be an effective risk management tool by providing farmers with an established revenue guarantee per acre. Farmers may more proactively market through the growing season when prices are usually higher, knowing that CRC provides the revenue guarantee to cover bushels committed in forward pricing their crop or when using other market options.

Revenue Assurance (RA) is available for selected states and crops, this policy provides protection against revenue losses resulting from any combination of low market prices or low production yields. RA is available in certain states. Ask your agent about availability in your area.

We Offer Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS)

The Leaders On Every Front

INSURANCE MART has long held a reputation for superior service, innovation and efficiency. Our acclaimed service record and the RCIS technological support represents two of the many key areas in which we excel.

Strength To Support You

In the crop insurance business, strength means having the financial ability to get the job done efficiently and effectively – for everything from quotes to claims, we have proven that ability. RCIS is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC), one of the nation’s largest and most visible publicly held companies. Fortune Magazine ranked WFC as the 62nd largest company in America based on revenue. As WFC President and CEO Dick Kovacevich reminds people, however, size is not the objective. “If we focus on what our customers want – on serving them when, where, and how they want to be served – we will achieve our vision.”

Resources To Serve You

At INSURANCE MART and RCIS, people and technology are the keys to successfully meeting the needs of our producers. Fast response time and prompt claims processing are made possible by our experienced staff, area claims representatives and adjusters who understand that service always comes first.

RCIS leads the way again with the development of cutting edge technology for agents and policy holders. Using, policy holders can harness the power of the internet to transmit acreage reports and other forms.

Commitment To See You Through

At INSURANCE MART and RCIS, commitment means having helped thousands of people like you, since 1980 – through good times and bad. It means continuing to serve our agents and their insureds by building on an already superior record of service and performance.

Rural Community Insurance Services is a managing general agency representing several risk bearing insurance companies. Insurance policies are obligations of the issuing insurance company, are not obligations or deposits of or guaranteed by any bank and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Rural Community Insurance Services and Insurance Mart prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, political beliefs, and marital or familial status.

Crop Hail Overview:

Five minutes of hail can wipe out an entire year’s income. The Crop Hail policy through Insurance Mart and Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS®) provides protection against loss to the crop from hail. This policy supplements the coverage provided by an MPCI policy. Crop Hail provides coverage on an acre by acre basis.

MPCI policyholders in some states have an additional option to purchase a Companion Hail policy that works with the Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policy for quicker pay-out on hail losses.

Crop Hail Auto-Crop through Insurance Mart and RCIS offers the convenience of allowing the Crop Hail policy to be completed based on the MPCI acreage report for the crop. With Crop Hail Auto-Crop, your Crop Hail coverage becomes a continuous policy that remains in effect until it is canceled. Simply review your insurance per acre coverage and policy form each year and if there are no changes, no other paperwork is required.

The RCIS Crop Hail program also offers many specialty endorsements to cover specific perils on selected crops in some states, such as green snap wind endorsement for corn or sugar beet crusting endorsement. Your RCIS agent can quickly show you all your options.

Named Peril Overview

Flexible coverage designed to protect crops from damaging weather conditions during specified coverage periods. Recommended as a supplement to MPCI and Crop Hail policies to cover gaps in coverage such as hazards unique to specific crops, unavailability of MPCI and hail insurance in your area, or to cover a processor.